Catharsis LLC assists professional societies, trade associations and other organizations become better through informed decision making. A team of tested and proven management professionals can focus on facilitating and directing the process of managing your organization.

One thing is for sure; change is inevitable in our world today. Change usually occurs through two ways; internally initiated or externally imposed.

Are you ready for change? And, would you prefer to control and implement it through your own initiative?

Let us help you make the best decisions for positive changes for your organization. Catharsis LLC is eager to assist your leaders with a decision today that will assure the success of your association tomorrow.

Why Catharsis LLC?

Because in any arena of organizational management, decisions are critical. These decisions establish the building blocks with which your organization hinges its future. Whether it involves you remaining with a current association management company or it makes sense to seriously consider self management once again; whether your group requires a serious strategic planning overhaul or simply a tweaking of an already solid program, Catharsis LLC can facilitate that critical decision-making process.