"Business as usual" no longer applies. With today's economic and sociological conditions, organizations that are interested in progressing forward must recognize opportunities.

They must know when and where to step up. No doubt, you are considering the services of Catharsis LLC because you have an interest, simply, to be better. Catharsis LLC is in the business of facilitating your amelioration process through objective appraisals in cooperative spirit with the necessary subjective culture.

Catharsis LLC professionals have beenrecognized for their contributions to the organization and association management industryfor more than a quarter of a century. Collectively, they have a strong repertoire that includes practical experiences in all dimensions of association and organizational management. Catharsis LLC people areable to conduct and apply processes that will help your organizationmakethe best informeddecisions.

Catharsis LLC President, Cal Clemons, CAE, CMP, understands the challenges and supports involved in association leadership. Through his over 35 years of industry involvement and leadership, he has been directly engaged in the business of organizations, associations and professional societies.

As a respected industry leader, contributor and author, Clemons fully realizes two rules of today's game that indeed, business is NOT as usual. First,any organization, in order to survive and remain vital,must deliver and assure professional relevance to its membership throughmeaningful purpose. Second, the leaders of any organization have the primary responsibility of fulfilling purpose to assure overall, long term success or even greatness.

Lofty goals involve other people. Catharsis LLC is interested in working with your leadership to pursue and achieve your established goals.

The Catharsis LLC team consists of talented professionals who have the experiences and skills to fully address your needs. The team's experiences include the areas of consulting high levels of management, financial, accounting and budgetingissues, strategic planning and goal setting, organizational governance and structure, meeting planning and event management, human resources, communications, marketing and public relations, professional education, training and development andgroup productivity, corporate sponsorship programs, managing and applying technology, and many other areas to enhance your success.