Why should we consider Catharsis?

The Catharsis LLC team considers your success as its primary goal. With focus on you and your organization, Catharsis LLC works parallel with your leadership in identifying the critical issues and the most appropriate range of real solutions. Pressing issues require professional and proven attention, and perhaps you may not have the experience nor the time to search for those real solutions.


What types of organizations can benefit from the services of Catharsis LLC?

Essentially any organization, non-profit or for-profit, that is interested today in improving its effectiveness and efficiency, its content and processes and its functional purpose for its organizational members tomorrow will benefit from our customized programs.


Why should we involve Catharsis LLC when we are not even sure of what we want or need?

That’s the exact reason why organizations come to Catharsis LLC. Many times, your involvement with organizations clouds your vision, perhaps by seeing through rose-tinted glasses or simply just being too closely engaged. Understandably you want what is best for your group. It is our intent to work, in concert with your leadership, through this cloudiness and reveal a clearer picture of your organizational destiny. Coupled with your valuable subjective perspective, the Catharsis team lends its objective assessment to develop a prescription for focused, clearer vision for your association.


What is the process?

A select team is assigned to apply their talents, skills and experiences to your organization. They are dedicated to the ultimate goals that are set together for your success. With a strong background in association management, the Catharsis team understands and appreciates the dimensions necessary to manage your organization. They assess the health of your organization and diagnose its current status.


What if we are an association searching for management options?

As an association in need of management services, Catharsis LLC identifies and analyzes the points of organizational independency versus dependency that makes sense. Then recommendations are made for the management direction for the organization’s success.


What does Catharsis offer?

The collective talents and experiences of the Catharsis team offers a strong repertoire of tools that will tune up your organization. Our toolbox offers many valuable programs including:


  • Executive Scorecard - Dashboard analysis of key indicators for performance and growth
  • Assessment profile of organizational readiness for association management
  • Assessment of your perfect match of an Association Management Company (AMC)
  • RFP elements and document development
  • Comprehensive AMC search from start to finish
  • Management Audit
  • Financial healthiness check-up
  • Marketing strategies
  • Excellence in meeting planning, production and delivery
  • Strategic Planning
  • Psycho-Socio assessment of leadership
  • LeadershipDevelopment
  • Curriculum development
  • Membership needs assessment

Where do we start?

Let us start by helping you ask the right questions and, together, we can obtain the right answers. Call Catharsis for an exploratory, casual dialogue about you and your association.