The Catharsis LLC team is prepared and poised to assist your organization with solutions and services that contribute to its success.  


Management Options

Evaluating and analyzing the structure and strength of your current management is an important first step in determining what is best for your organization. Whether direct (self) management, association management companies, or some appropriate combination, Catharsis LLC can guide you to the best possible decision. Our team administers a Management Audit to provide valuable information for your review. When ready, Catharsis LLC will conduct a full search that will produce the best possible partner or solution for the management of your organization.

Strategic Planning

Every organization faces a time when it must address its accountability to its primary mission and whether it is, indeed, providing purpose for its membership. There are many internal and external variables that initiate this process. Some of these variables include change of leadership, relationship with a management company, dwindling memberships, economic conditions or industry competition.There may even be a simple need to "step up" as an ambitious organization.

The strategic planning process should be challenging and confrontative as well as affirming and uplifing. The Catharsis LLC team produces and conducts a comprehensive customized strategic planning program that defines the direction of your association.


Compensation Analysis

Catharsis LLC provides consultation services to organizations that are interested in determining the value of their compensatory relationships. Whether it involves the review of services provided by your association management company or the contractual arrangement of executives, our assessments will provide the necessary information in determining the right return on your investment with human resources.

Leadership Development

Leadership is taken, not given. All leaders feel a draw to the responsibility of leadership and intend to perform well. As with athletes, leaders must continue to train and develop their skills and talents to maintain their positions in the field. Catharsis LLC offers a comprehensive curriculum on leadership development that addresses specific needs for your leaders. Our professional team can deliver topics and sessions that will challenge your leaders and keep them sharp and fit in their service to the organization.

Other services include:

  • developing the RFP for associationmanagement services

  • assessment of organizational effectiveness and efficiency

  • financial practices review

  • developing marketing approaches for targeted audiences

  • meeting planning and production review

  • membership recruitment, retention and development

  • strategies for effective sponsorship programs